Evans Guitar Repair | Rochester, MN Luthier

Professional Luthier Services and Guitar Repair serving Southeast Minnesota. Setups, Fretwork, Neck Resets, Structural Repair, Pickups, Bone Nuts/Saddles, Electronics Work, and Limited Amplifier Repairs provided. Handmade effects pedals available too!

Drop-Off Locations Inside Schmitt Music Rochester and Pure Rock Studios



Always a tinkerer and an avid music lover, I grew up messing around with guitars. I would spend my summer breaks in the garage sanding, chiseling, and soldering away on cheap project guitars. Soon, I started doing small repairs for friends and family. I decided to pursue Guitar Repair as a career right after graduating high school. I attended MN State Technical College in Red Wing, Minnesota, where I learned all aspects of building and repairing stringed instruments. The classes I took there provided me with a foundation of knowledge that I build upon every day.

Since graduating from the Red Wing campus, I have worked for several music stores and boutique guitar builders across the country. With well over 1,500 repairs under my belt, and some guitar and ukulele builds, I started my own repair business. I love providing musicians with the services they need to play and sound their best.  Whether it be with a handmade pedal, through a proper setup, or even fixing the little disasters that can happen while gigging out, I strive to do all I can to make your playing experience be the best it can be.